Source for cap nuts

Those little cap nuts used in the GoPro mounting system have a nasty habit of falling out of the mounts. If you lose one and don’t have any extras available before your next high action adventure, you may be out of luck.

Tip: buy a few extras at Home Depot. These are 5mm-.8 stainless steel cap nuts, SKU#649933, available here: 5mm-.8 cap nuts.

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Raised vegetable garden

We’re a couple of weeks into Spring and it is time to start a vegetable garden! We are constructing a raised-bed garden consisting of two 3′ x 8′ x 6″ frames made of untreated cedar wood. We now have the frames in place, staked a weed mat underneath each, and are ready to fill them with “black gold” early next week so we can begin planting.

The eagle wasn’t our idea–the previous residents left it for us. Perhaps it will scare away critters who wish to steal from us. 🙂

By the way, we are novice gardeners and this is the largest and most elaborate one we’ve attempted. Check back periodically for updates on our progress.

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External mic for HD HERO2


Need an external condenser mic for the GoPro HD HERO2? This Sony ECM-DS270P works well. In fact, it even works with my iPhone and iPad. For $13 it’s an inexpensive purchase that will greatly enhance the HERO2’s audio quality.

You will need to have the Skeleton case to use this since that case allows access to the camera’s mic input.


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Magnetic Mount for HD HERO2

Here’s an inexpensive magnetic mount you can make for the HD HERO2. I purchased a 66 mm round magnet base with a 95-pound pull from our local Harbor Freight Tools (cost: $5), superglued a 1/4″ x 20 turns/inch screw (standard tripod size) into the base, and mounted the GoPro tripod base onto the screw. This magnet is extremely strong and fastens securely to the hood of my car.

I recommend placing a thin piece of paper between the magnet and the hood to help avoid scratching the paint, particularly when placing and removing the magnet.





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Dogs versus Cats

Sorry, I don’t know the source of this one, but it is so true!

20120413-221209.jpg Continue reading

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The Amazing GoPro HD HERO2

Have you ever wanted to record video at 1080p resolution while you are simply “living life”? A friend recently introduced me to a very compact, durable digital video camera that is designed precisely for that application–the HD HERO 2 by GoPro ( These gadgets are not designed to be held in the hand, aimed at action occuring somewhere else. Mount these on a mountain bike, a surf board, or wear it while skydiving or snorkeling–and gather an exciting and unique first-person perspective of your life.

I’ve purchased the HD HERO2 Outdoor addition along with a handful of mounting accessories and will be posting more about my latest interest shortly. Stay tuned!

HD HERO2 (Outdoor Edition)

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