NDAA 2016 – Military Carry Provision

On November 25, 2015, The President of the United States signed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law.  This is an annual policy bill that marries with the defense appropriations bill (not yet signed) to provide policy guidance and funding for the Armed Forces.

One provision of this policy bill requires the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) to establish a process by which installation commanders may allow military members to carry weapons if deemed necessary for personal or force protection purposes.  It remains to be seen how this policy will take shape and how many installation commanders will actually decide to allow it. Continue reading

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Comparison – YouTube HD vs. Vimeo HD

I continue to be very impressed with the GoPro HD HERO2 camera, but have struggled to post high quality videos online that sufficiently demonstrate its quality. That is, until now.

YouTube offers a high-definition video mode. I’ve uploaded from my iPad on several occasions but have been disappointed in the visible artifacts present in the HD-quality mode. Continue reading

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Local Eateries Near St. Louis Metro East

We occasionally venture out of our home to enjoy some local food at our favorite restaurants and have discovered what we consider to be some true gems. If you are new to the area, or happen to be looking for some new places to dine, here's a quick run-down of our favorites.

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Garden Progress Report – 6 weeks and counting

It’s amazing how quickly these things grow! Our garden has taken off and we might be able to harvest some produce in a week or so. The zucchini and yellow squash, which we planted from seed, are growing very quickly and threaten to take over a significant portion of the raised bed in which they’re planted.

Happy gardening! Continue reading

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English-to-Spanish Translation FAIL

Yesterday we got a laugh out of seeing this sign, in a Mexican restaurant, no less. Can you figure out what is wrong? Hint: it has something to do with the tilde (~).

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The “black gold” compost mix has arrived!

Thanks to the kindness of a good friend, we received a truckload (about 27 cubic feet, or 1 cubic yard) of “black gold” compost mix this morning purchased from St. Louis Composting in Milstadt, IL (http://www.stlcompost.com/products-compost.htm). Total cost was $22. Reportedly this mixture will grow just about anything. A couple of hours later we had this in our raised beds and are now ready to begin planting.

Our beds are 3′ x 8′ and 6″ high, so it took around 24 cubic feet of soil to fill these with some to spare. We also decided to add the excess soil to another small unraised section of the garden, and covered it with a weed mat.

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