Sipping Chocolate

While browsing through the shelves at our local Trader Joe’s store around Christmastime a couple of years ago, we discovered an intriguing European-inspired “beverage” and got hooked on it immediately.  Called “sipping chocolate,” this product truly lives up to its name.

Basically, this is a powdered mix that you stir into heated milk.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “This sounds a lot like hot chocolate.”  You would be perfectly correct in making that statement except for one huge difference–this is mixed at very high concentrations into a small quantity of milk (1/3 cup per serving) to make a very thick, heated, concentrated, delicious liquid chocolate drink.

You definitely don’t want to consume much more than that at each sitting out of fear you’d overdose on chocolate.  Consider purchasing some 3 ounce espresso cups to serve this.  The size will help keep it warm longer, and prevent you from having more than you really should.

Trust us–this stuff is incredible!

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