Wood shop “off limits”

We recently discovered a significant drawback with having a wood shop in the basement of our house. No, it’s not the late night roar of the table saw or the high-pitched whine of the router reverberating through the house. It’s called water.

To our dismay, the sump pump plumbing failed on us and allowed the basement to flood with about 2 inches of water. Unfortunately, some of my wood – including a partially-built entertainment center – sat in that water for a short duration before we discovered the flooding. Hopefully, with some careful prep and finishing work, I’ll be able to recover from any permanent water marks on the entertainment center and won’t lose too much from the edges of boards that contacted the water.

We’re in a hiatus at the moment awaiting replacement of the padding under the carpet in the finished section of the basement, followed by a professional steam cleaning. Everything has dried, but the wood shop is filled with everything that was on shelves in the finished area, rendering the shop completely unusable for a period of time.

I’m just chomping at the bit, so to speak, to get back in there. May God grant me patience… 🙂

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